novaVAC HBT2

Electronic – pneumatic vaccination instrument for day-old chicks

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous vaccination of 4 birds at a time,
  • No need for an experienced operator,
  • 5760-9600 chicks/hour capacity in mono or double vaccination,
  • The order of applied vaccines can be adjusted as needed,
  • Digitally adjustable dosage for water based and oily vaccines between 0,1-0,3 ml,
  • Dosage control system stops vaccination when there is dosage misalignment,
  • Needle depth can be easily adjusted,
  • Automated maintenance and lubrication are available for the complete system,
  • Eye spray vaccination is optionally available,
  • Tip of the needle and cushions can be automatically disinfected with any type of disinfection fluid,
  • High sensitivity of injector compressors.
  • Easy vaccine intake due to specifically designed vacuum system,
  • No vaccine leakage, bleeding or mortality are observed due to fast injection system,
  • Gives warning when pre-set chick count is reached.
  • Total vaccination count display.
  • Remote controlling and data transfer are available.
  • Average deviation is +/- 5 doses per 2000 doses of water based and oily vaccines.
  • Suitable to use on a desk, conveyor or wheel system.

Optional Specifications for HBT2:

  • Each data can be stored when logged in such as number, count, date, vaccine type, lot number.
  • Historic data can be easily found and tracked.
  • Automated chick box management.
  • Electronic adjustment of needle depth.
  • Automated disinfection of injector exits, needle tip and outer surface after 2000 vaccinations with alcohol.
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