novaVAC MBTs

Electronic-pneumatic vaccination instrument for day-old chicks.

Key Features:

  • 4800-6300 chicks/hour capacity in mono or double vaccination. 
  • Average deviation is +/-5 doses in oily and +/-14 water-based vaccines.
  • Automated box control system enabling even chick distribution in the compartments.
  • High sensitivity of injector compressor. 
  • Air gun is available on the instrument.
  • Skin touch sensor.
  • Automated disinfection of needle and presentation block at pre-set vaccination quantity.
  • Needle depth can be digitally adjusted. 
  • Whole pneumatic system can perform automated maintenance and lubrication. 
  • Water based vaccine injector volume is 0,2 ml. Standard calibrated dosage control system.
  • Oil based vaccine injector volume is 0,1 ml-0,2 ml. Adjustable dosage control system.
  • Stops vaccination in pre-set dosage errors.